Best Ginger Snap Cookies Brands

Ginger snap cookies are a classic cookie that have been enjoyed for generations. Known for their crisp texture, ginger flavor, and sweet molasses taste, these spicy cookies are a favorite for many during the holiday season. But not all ginger snaps are created equal. With so many brands and varieties available online and in stores, it can be tricky to know which ginger snaps are truly the best.

Best Ginger Snap Cookies Brands

This buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the ideal ginger snap cookies for your needs. We'll discuss what makes a great ginger snap cookie, factors to consider when choosing a brand, provide tips for buying ginger snaps online, answer frequently asked questions, and recommend some of the highest rated and best-tasting ginger snap cookies you can buy online. With this guide, you'll be able to bite into the perfect ginger snap cookie for any occasion.

Stauffers Ginger Snaps Cookies

Stauffers Cookie Ginger Snap, Original, 14 Ounce (Pack of 3)

    These Stauffers Ginger Snaps Cookies are the perfect treat when you're looking for a crispy, crunchy, mildly spiced ginger cookie. Just one bite and you'll taste the molasses and ginger flavors blending together in a delightful snap.

    Opening the resealable package, you're greeted with the aroma of ginger, cinnamon, and other warming spices. Each round cookie is thin and crispy with a texture that starts to melt in your mouth after that initial snap when you first bite into it. With a lighter ginger taste, these cookies aren't overpowering but offer the right hint of spice.

    Key features:

    • Thin, crispy round ginger cookies
    • Mild molasses and ginger flavor
    • 30 calories per cookie
    • Resealable package


    • Addictive snappy texture
    • Fresh baked taste
    • Lightly spiced flavor
    • Convenient resealable package


    • Can crumble easily

    Nabisco Ginger Snaps Cookies

    Ginger Snaps Cookies, Ginger Cookies, 6 - 16 oz Boxes

      For a classic ginger snap cookie, you can't go wrong with these Nabisco Ginger Snaps. They have an old-fashioned taste featuring the sweetness of molasses combined with warming ginger and cinnamon spices.

      Just opening the package brings you back in time with the enticing aroma. Each round cookie is baked to be perfectly crispy with a bold ginger zing when you bite into it. You'll love having these on hand to grab for quick snacks with a cup of tea or to use crumbled up in recipes.

      Key features:

      • Crispy, round ginger cookies
      • Sweet molasses and ginger flavor
      • Generates nostalgia with classic taste
      • Bulk 6 pack


      • Strong ginger spice flavor
      • Satisfying crispy texture
      • Vintage-style treat
      • Versatile to eat as-is or use in baking


      • Could be considered too crunchy for some

      Archway Ginger Snaps Cookies

      Archway Cookies, Crispy Gingersnap Cookies, 12 Oz

        For a sweet and spicy cookie with a seriously crispy crunch, reach for Archway Ginger Snaps. These round ginger cookies balance the sweetness of molasses with aromatic spices like ginger, cinnamon, and clove.

        As soon as you open the bag, you smell the enticing blend of flavors. Biting into one unleashes the dynamic tastes and textures. Each thin cookie starts hard and crispy, then melts in your mouth after a few chews. The gingery tingle lasts while the subtle spices linger on your tongue.

        Key features:

        • Thin, extremely crispy ginger cookies
        • Molasses provides sweetness
        • Ginger, cinnamon and clove spices
        • Round shape easy to grab


        • Nice blend of sweetness and spice
        • Super crunchy texture
        • Addictive melting sensation
        • Convenient size for snacking


        • Very fragile, can break apart easily

        Nyakers Ginger Snaps Cookies

        Nyakers Gingerbread Snaps Cookie Tin, Finest Ginger Snaps Original Flavor Swedish Cookie, 750 g - 26.45 oz - 1.65 lbs, With Protective Insert

          For a delightful ginger cookie imported from Sweden, you must try Nyakers Ginger Snaps Cookies. They come in a decorative collectible tin featuring Swedish style designs. But it's what's inside that will impress your taste buds.

          These authentic ginger snaps are thin and brittle, almost like a wafer. Each one delivers sweet gingerbread flavor balanced by warming spices like cinnamon and clove. The Swedish recipes ensures an authentic Old World taste you'll love.

          Key features:

          • Thin, crispy imported ginger cookies
          • Sweet gingerbread flavor with spice
          • Comes in decorative Swedish tin
          • Authentic Swedish recipe


          • Delightful ginger taste
          • Crisp, delicate texture
          • Fun packaging for gifting
          • Provides imported European treat


          • Extremely fragile, crumble easily

          Stauffers Ginger & Lemon Snaps Cookies

          Stauffer's 2-pack Snaps Cookies Variety: Ginger Snaps & Lemon Snaps, 14 Oz. Bags [1 of Each]

          For two classic thin and crispy cookies, try this combo pack of Stauffers Ginger & Lemon Snaps. You get one bag each of these round snap cookies that provide different flavor profiles to enjoy.

          The Ginger Snaps offer aromatic spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cloves blended in a perfectly crispy little cookie. Each thin treat starts with a satisfying snap when bitten into.

          The bright citrus tastes of Lemon Snaps add tart zing to the crunchy cookies. You'll love having both varieties to switch between for snacks.

          Key features:

          • 1 bag each: Ginger Snaps and Lemon Snaps
          • Thin, round, crispy cookies
          • Ginger Snaps have spice flavors
          • Lemon Snaps provide tart citrus taste


          • Two flavors of thin crispy cookies
          • Can alternate between spicy and tangy
          • Satisfying texture and flavors
          • Resealable bags keep fresh


          • Not very sturdy, tend to crumble apart

          Stauffer's Ginger Snaps

          Stauffer Cookie Ginger Snap, Original, 14 oz

            Opening a box of Stauffer's Ginger Snaps immediately transports you back to childhood. The sweet, spicy aroma is unmistakable. These crispy cookies have the perfect balance of ginger and spice that ginger snap lovers crave.

            Take your first bite and you'll be impressed by the crisp texture that quickly gives way to chewiness. Unlike some ginger snaps that are dry and crumbly, Stauffer's has a soft, cake-like interior. Each cookie is generously sized so you get plenty of flavor in every bite.

            Stauffer's uses high-quality ingredients like molasses and real ginger to achieve an authentic old-fashioned ginger snap taste. They have remained committed to their original 1871 recipe for over 150 years.

            Key features:

            • Generous amount of ginger and spice flavor
            • Crispy exterior with chewy interior
            • Large, soft cookies
            • Made with molasses and real ginger


            • Perfectly balanced ginger taste
            • Nice crisp texture
            • Soft and chewy interior
            • Large, satisfying cookies


            • Some broken cookies in packaging

            Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps

            Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps, Xlarge

              Crack open a package of Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps and your kitchen will instantly fill with the inviting aroma of ginger. These flavor-packed cookies really live up to their name with a triple ginger punch.

              Your first bite will reveal layers of gingery spice. The initial ginger heat is followed by sweet crystallized ginger chunks and warming ginger purée. The three types of ginger combine to make a very gingery cookie experience.

              While bold on ginger taste, these crunchy round cookies have a good balance of spices like cinnamon so the flavor isn't overpowering. The texture is crisp on the outside with just a hint of chewiness inside.

              Trader Joe's uses quality ingredients to craft these addictive ginger snaps. They have a homemade taste and texture that store-bought cookies rarely achieve.

              Key features:

              • 3 types of ginger for triple ginger flavor
              • Crisp cookies with chewy centers
              • Noticeable ginger heat balanced with sweetness
              • Uses high-quality ingredients


              • Intense authentic ginger flavor
              • Nice crunch and texture
              • Good spice and sweetness balance
              • Taste like homemade


              • Ginger flavor very strong for some
              • Packaging allows some breakage

              Mi-Del Ginger Snaps

              Mi-Del Ginger Snaps Cookies - Authentic Ginger Flavor - Crunchy Ginger Cookies - Non-GMO Certified, 0g Trans Fat - Healthy Cookie Snack - 10oz (Pack of 2)

                If you love classic ginger snaps, Mi-Del's version will become your new favorite. These generously sized round cookies pack a seriously gingery punch in each bite.

                The first thing you'll notice is the pungent ginger aroma when opening the bag. Then comes the intense ginger flavor made with real ginger, so good it almost makes your eyes water. The initial ginger spike mellows into pleasant spiciness.

                Mi-Del ginger snaps have a delightfully crisp texture on the outside with just the right amount of chew on the inside. They aren't super hard or crumbly. The interior has a nice cake-like softness without being doughy.

                Overall, these cookies are wonderfully addictive with their strong ginger taste and satisfying crunch. Mi-Del nails the old-fashioned ginger snap flavor profile that loyal fans love.

                Key features:

                • Intense real ginger flavor
                • Crisp exterior with soft interior
                • Generous cookie size
                • Classic ginger snap taste


                • Strong authentic ginger flavor
                • Perfectly crunchy texture
                • Soft, cake-like interior
                • Large, hearty cookies


                • Intense ginger heat for some

                Mi-Del Organic Ginger Snaps

                Mi-Del Organic Ginger Snaps Cookies - Authentic Ginger Flavor - Crunchy Ginger Cookies - Non-GMO Certified, 0g Trans Fat - Healthy Cookie Snack - 8oz (Pack of 2)

                  Mi-Del's organic ginger snaps have that nostalgic old-fashioned appeal in every bite. These USDA certified organic cookies highlight the flavor of fresh ginger beautifully.

                  As soon as you open the bag, the spicy ginger aroma draws you in. The gingery heat hits immediately upon first bite. It's strong but not overpowering, mellowing to a pleasant tingle. Sweet notes of molasses and brown sugar balance out the spices.

                  The texture exceeds expectations for an organic ginger snap. They have a pleasing crispness outside with a soft, almost fluffy interior. Each round cookie is generously sized for maximum enjoyment.

                  Made with organic wheat flour and real ginger, these snacks have a homemade taste you’ll love. Mi-Del nails the flavor and texture of classic ginger snaps with an organic twist.

                  Key features:

                  • USDA certified organic
                  • Made with organic flour and real ginger
                  • Strong ginger flavor balanced with sweetness
                  • Crisp exterior and soft interior


                  • Authentic old-fashioned ginger snap taste
                  • Nice chewy texture
                  • Balances gingery heat and sweetness
                  • Generous cookie size


                  • Ginger burn too strong for some

                  Little Dutch Maid Ginger Snaps

                  Little Dutch Maid Ginger Snaps, 16 Ounce

                    With their signature spice blend, Little Dutch Maid Ginger Snaps will quickly become your go-to ginger cookie. These crunchy baked treats have an addictive old-fashioned flavor.

                    Take one bite and you'll taste the perfect balance of ginger, cinnamon, and other spices. The gingery heat warms without being too strong. Notes of molasses and brown sugar add sweetness.

                    The ginger snaps have a wonderful crisp texture that generates a delightful crunch sound. Yet they don't turn into crumbs. The interior has a nice dense chewiness without being hard.

                    Overall, Little Dutch Maid provides a very satisfying ginger cookie experience. Their flawless blend of spices and great crunch sets them apart from other ginger snaps.

                    Key features:

                    • Balanced blend of ginger, cinnamon and spices
                    • Crispy texture with chewy centers
                    • Classic molasses and brown sugar flavors
                    • Addictive old-fashioned taste


                    • Perfectly balanced ginger and spice flavor
                    • Nice crunch without crumbling
                    • Dense, chewy cookie interior
                    • Real old-fashioned ginger snap taste


                    • Some broken cookies in packaging

                    Ginger Snap Cookies Buying Guide

                    When searching for the best ginger snap cookies to order online, there are a few key factors to consider before making a purchase.


                    The ingredients used to make ginger snap cookies can greatly impact the texture, flavor, and overall quality.

                    Flour: The flour used in ginger snaps should be all-purpose flour for the right balance of crispness and tenderness. Whole wheat flour can make them dense and hard.

                    Sugar: Most recipes call for granulated white sugar, but some add brown sugar for deeper molasses flavor. The sugar helps caramelize the cookies.

                    Molasses: Dark molasses is usually used to provide rich, robust gingerbread flavor. Blackstrap molasses has the strongest flavor.

                    Butter: High fat unsalted butter makes ginger snaps crispy and rich tasting. Margarine can affect flavor.

                    Eggs: Eggs help bind the dough. Omitting eggs makes them more crumbly and delicate.

                    Ginger: Ground ginger is essential for that distinctive gingery bite. More ginger means spicier snap.

                    Cinnamon: Ground cinnamon complements the ginger taste nicely in the right balance.

                    Baking soda: A small amount of baking soda gives lift and airiness. Too much makes them puffy.


                    The texture of a ginger snap cookie can make or break its enjoyment. The ideal snap has:

                    • Crisp exterior that cracks when bitten into
                    • Chewy interior with a little resistance when biting
                    • Sturdy enough to withstand being dunked without falling apart
                    • Never hard, soft, or crumbly throughout

                    A good snap should hold its shape without spreading too much. Underbaked cookies are doughy, while overbaked ones are rock solid.


                    Ginger snaps range from mildly gingery to very spicy. The amount of ground ginger used heavily impacts the intensity. Consider how much heat you prefer:

                    • Mild - faint ginger essence
                    • Medium - moderate ginger bite
                    • Spicy - strong ginger burn with each bite
                    • Very spicy - intense ginger flavor that lingers

                    Spiciness can vary from batch to batch, even within the same brand. Look at reviews to gauge ginger heat before buying.


                    Ginger snaps come in a range of sizes:

                    • Small - 1-2 inches diameter
                    • Medium - 2-3 inches diameter
                    • Large - 3-4 inches diameter
                    • Extra large - 4 inches or more

                    Smaller cookies tend to be crunchier, while larger ones are chewier. Choose based on your texture preference and intended use.


                    For the freshest taste and texture, look for ginger snaps sold in:

                    • Vacuum sealed plastic bags or containers
                    • Foil bags that block light and air
                    • Sturdy, sealed tins or jars

                    Avoid open bags of loose cookies that have been sitting out. Check the best by date too.


                    Certain certifications can provide peace of mind on quality and ethics:

                    • USDA Organic - uses organic ingredients
                    • Kosher - prepared following Jewish dietary laws
                    • Non-GMO Verified - made without genetically modified ingredients
                    • Fair Trade - supports fair wages for farmers

                    However, delicious ginger snaps can be found without these labels too.


                    Prices per ounce for ginger snap cookies typically range from:

                    • Budget = $0.20 - $0.30
                    • Moderate = $0.30 - $0.50
                    • Premium = $0.50 - $0.80+

                    Bulk bags are usually the cheapest by weight. Specialty baked ginger snaps tend to be pricier. Compare prices per ounce when possible.

                    Tips for Buying Ginger Snaps Online

                    Buying ginger snap cookies online can be convenient, but it can be hard to judge quality before tasting them. Here are some tips for getting the best ginger snaps when ordering online:

                    • Read reviews - Check ratings and reviews to see if others enjoyed the taste, texture and spice level before buying.
                    • Check the ingredients list - Make sure spices like ginger are listed high up and it uses quality ingredients.
                    • Look for sellers with quick shipping - Choose vendors that ship fast so cookies arrive fresh. Rush shipping if needed.
                    • Order smaller packs first - Try starting with a small pack in case you don't like them before committing to bulk.
                    • Ask about substitutions - Inquire if you can get a different variety if your first choice is out of stock.
                    • Consider your climate - Heat sensitive ginger snaps may not ship well to hot areas in summer.
                    • Check best by dates - Make sure the use by date allows enough time to eat them at their peak quality.
                    • Contact seller with issues- Notify the seller if cookies arrive broken, stale, or don't match the description so they can make it right.

                    Doing a little research before hitting buy can prevent disappointments when your ginger snaps arrive. Follow these tips and you’ll be snacking on your new favorite ginger snaps in no time.

                    Ginger Snap Cookies FAQ

                    Have more questions about finding and buying great ginger snap cookies online? This FAQ covers common ginger snap cookie queries:

                    What's the difference between gingersnaps vs ginger snaps?

                    Gingersnaps and ginger snaps refer to the same type of cookie. The name can be spelled as one word - gingersnaps - or two words - ginger snaps.

                    What spices are in ginger snap cookies besides ginger?

                    Common spices used along with ginger are cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice. Vanilla is often added too for more flavor.

                    Do ginger snap cookies go stale quickly?

                    Properly stored in an airtight container, ginger snaps can stay fresh for 1-2 weeks at room temperature. Refrigeration extends their shelf life. Stale snaps lose their signature snap.

                    Can I freeze ginger snap cookies?

                    Yes, ginger snaps freeze well for 3-6 months. Let them cool completely before freezing in an airtight container with parchment between layers. Thaw before serving.

                    Are gingersnaps good for dunking in milk or coffee?

                    Absolutely! Their crispy texture holds up nicely when dunked in milk, coffee, or tea without crumbling. Just don't soak too long or they may fall apart.

                    What’s the difference between soft ginger cookies and ginger snaps?

                    Soft gingers are chewy throughout while ginger snaps have a crisp exterior with a chewy, dense interior. Snaps are also usually harder and more gingery.

                    Are ginger snap cookies gluten free?

                    Most traditional ginger snap recipes contain wheat flour, so they are not gluten free unless specifically made with a gluten free flour blend. Check labels.

                    Can I substitute molasses for the sugar in gingerbread cookies?

                    Yes, you can substitute some or all of the granulated sugar for molasses in ginger snap recipes. Use about 1 cup molasses for every 1 cup sugar replaced.

                    What can I use if I don’t have eggs to make ginger snaps?

                    For vegan ginger snaps or if out of eggs, banana, flax eggs, commercial egg replacer, apple sauce, or extra baking soda can substitute for eggs.

                    How long do you bake ginger cookies to get them crispy?

                    Crisp ginger snaps are usually baked 8-12 minutes at 350°F. Bake times vary by size, so watch closely and pull them when edges start browning but centers are still soft.


                    With their irresistible blend of sweetness, spice, and snap, it’s no wonder why ginger snap cookies have been a fixture on cookie trays for years. Thanks to online ordering, you can now enjoy the best tasting ginger snaps without even leaving your home. Use this guide to gain confidence in selecting the ideal ginger snaps to satisfy your cravings. Experiment with new brands and baking styles until you find your perfect match. Soon you’ll be snacking happily on your go-to ginger snap, no matter the season.


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